[ about us ]



We have exposure to our project extensively which helps to streamline design to construction the process. Our work shows equal appreciation to the aesthetic as well as the bottom line.

We focus on adding value to your passion by challenging the norm with the help of an experienced team of collaborators to create something that is truly unique to you and your business.


We value pre-existing buildings and spaces and believe in their inherent potential. We believe that interior design is not only limited to design and built structures, instead it is about creating sustainable spaces where function has precedence over form therefore we believe that design shape the way people live.

In the world of design, renovating and repurposing a piece of architecture or interior space is one of the most sustainable practice that we can engage.


Furniture design is our passion. Unique furniture means being different, being distinct and being individual. Achieve distinctiveness from (different) owner’s wants, capture differences from one concept to another, and portray individualities through memorable design works.

We have been giving a freedom to conceptualize and fabricate loose and fix furniture for their offices, restaurants, bars, showroom to add that extra touch of custom work that lifts the mood on any room.


We offer a complete creative design and interior design, the workshop’s projects range from commercial to office sector.
Our people are dedicated to give their best to satisfy every customer by having a solid network with suppliers and the workers.